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Meditate for the Good Earth

By Graham Isaac Shannon @VistaBrazil


  • Mother Earth is heating up, caused by CO2 & others gases generated by fossil fuel driven consumption.
  • Between December 7th & 18th world leaders are meeting (Copenhagen #COP15) to establish the successive climate change plan to the Kyoto agreement of 1997.
  • In this agreement countries will hopefully commit to CO2 reduction targets for their industries in an attempt to cap the earth’s temperature increase below 2°C, a level at which it is hoped that the changes can be reversible.
  • The lack of respect with which we collectively treat our mother earth is unacceptable, this must change.
  • What can the average person do, not being a politician, law maker or negotiator?
  • Meditate for the Good Earth, every full moon until the meeting. Meditate for the hearts and minds of our world leaders and negotiators. Meditate for them to have the intuition necessary to break political barriers and act for the good of Mother Earth, our home, a brilliant solitary jewel in the black depths of space.
  • Other ways of contributing can be found in the article below.


On December 24, 1968 history was being made. A small space craft sped above the surface of the moon and a trio of men peered down on a barren landscape for the first time in human history. The lunar orbit module had just emerged from the dark side of the moon and the pilot Frank Borman was busy maneuvering the vessel to point antennas back to earth. As he rolled the vessel vertically he glanced out his small cockpit window and beheld something extraordinary, a beautiful bluish ball enveloped in swirling white, seemingly fragile and solitary before the black immensity of space. The three men gazed in awe, temporarily forgetting their tasks as they be-held first hand this gorgeous beauty, rising up from below the starkly contrasted horizon of a grey moonscape. Later on that day the crew of Apollo 8 spoke to the people of earth with Borman finishing “we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas, and God bless all of you - all of you on the good Earth." The image that William Alders took on that day (commonly referred to as “Earth Rise”) provides us with a unique view of our motherly home. For the first time during that voyage, our race was privileged to observe her beauty, her uniqueness and her fragility, radiating out into the emptiness of space as an ultimate expression of selfless love.

So let’s keep “Earth Rise” in mind as we contemplate human life, 40 years on from that iconic photo. Today we know that in 1968, our planet was already with problems caused by our presence, exacerbated today by the fact that there is almost double the quantity of us than there were then (3.5 billion). Science now tells us that the principle problem facing our planet and hence our life upon it, is the fact that since the early 1900´s the temperature has begun to heat up. We are also told that this tendency is due the quantity of Carbon Dioxide (and other gases) that are rapidly accumulating in the atmosphere, with the earth beginning to react with increasing frequencies of climatic disturbance.

Poetically it is an interesting analogy to compare the speed of this increase in terms of the average lifetime of a human compared to that of our planet. In such a comparison, (average human lifetime - 75 years, mother earth - 10 million years) we can assimilate that the planetary changes in relation to increasing CO2 levels (150 years), have occurred in the equivalent geological life time of 35 seconds. Imagine a human disease that was to alarmingly increase our temperature and produce other serious systemic consequences within 35 seconds. It would certainly be treated as without precedent, with great alarm and we would spare no expense to seek out the cause and the cure. Flipping back to reality, science has already identified the cause of earth’s problem, the origin to which we are all part of. As each of us go about our everyday life of survival on our planet, we unwittingly contribute to the disease that is attacking her. In each act in which we consume resources, essential or non-essential, we fuel the demand for industries that produce the gases that are heating up THE GOOD EARTH. The more we consume the more we contribute.

It is relatively recently that the science of climate change has begun to be treated seriously, the figures are frightening and the clock is ticking. The great challenge humanity faces in this century is to prove that we can live in harmony with mother earth, containing and reducing our atmospheric pollution by switching our industries and energy matrixes to carbon free alternatives. The challenge is huge, the time is short and the stakes are high.

So what are we doing about it? The problem with us humans is that we don´t operate as one, as would be the case of a medical team examining a diseased person. We are individual countries, living on and polluting one planet. Although everybody governs his own piece of land, nobody is responsible for the whole, and therefore the polluting of it either. Between December 7th and 18th of this year, Copenhagen will host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, commonly referred to as #COP15. This meeting intends to formalize a global agreement on the reductions of Carbon emissions as well as also trying to address the issues related to the management and preservation of earth’s forests. It will be the successor to the previous Kyoto agreement (1997), which was previously ignored by numerous big emission countries and expires in 2012. In terms of addressing the sustainability of life on our planet it is the single most important meeting of our century. The issues are complex, the finger pointing is rife, the way appears difficult and the goal distant, but we must maintain faith that our leaders will see through the illusion of politics and consumption to see a small planet, spinning its unique beauty into the voids of space.

In light of the importance of Copenhagen 15, we are encouraging likeminded people to join us in meditation (or prayer) at each full moon leading up to the meeting. During each meditation we intend to focus on the hearts and minds of our world leaders and negotiators. We will meditate for them to have the intuition necessary to break political barriers and act for the good of Mother Earth. In each meditation as the moon rises we invite you to swap places with her, as if looking from the perspective of Earthrise. It will enable us to see our mother earth as she really is, our home, a brilliant solitary jewel in the black depths of space. We will be meditating for the Good Earth and we hope that you will join forces with us!.

If you are needing a suitable meditation we recommend "Meditation on Twin Hearts" by Master Choa Kok Sui, available in various languages and download formats. http://tiny.cc/Meditate10

To check moonrise times in your location, click on the following link. http://tiny.cc/Moonrise

What can we personally do aside from meditation?

  • Inform yourself about what is at stake at the COP15 meeting and form your opinions.
  • Insist that our leaders personally attend COP15.
  • Make your children, family, friends and colleagues aware of the issues.
  • Work with your children’s school and social organizations to raise general awareness.
  • Vote in your national elections in accordance with your environmental opinions.
  • As a consumer your habits will have a direct impact.
  • Find out what your “carbon footprint” is (what your consumption equates too in terms of carbon emissions). This will help you prioritize your actions in helping.
  • Work to reduce your impact on mother earth.
  • Demand low carbon products of your suppliers.
  • Use your knowledge in whatever you purchase.
  • Think twice before you consume, do you really need it? When in doubt think of “Earth Rise” to help your decision!
  • Consider a small family.
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